Cloudy Sunset

Nikon D810, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 at 14mm, f/22, ISO 64, 78 seconds.  Singh-Ray 10 stop Neutral Density filter.

A cloudy sunset from a few days ago in Hunt Valley, MD.  A healthy wind was responsible for causing the motion blur on the trees to the right.

I was testing out the Lee SW150 Mark II filter holder, a contraption which mounts on the front of the lens via an adapter.  The SW150 II allows you to use up to two 150 X 150mm square filters, by sliding the filter into the grooves on the front of the filter holder.

For an explanation of filters, you can check out this article:

If you want to use a filter with the Nikkor 14-24mm, a filter holder is mandatory due to the large front lens element, which does not allow standard circular filters.

The SW150 II seemed to do a fine job last night.  Used with the Singh-Ray 5 stop ND filter, no significant vignetting or light leakage was noticeable, even at the widest focal length of 14mm.

I used the original SW150 for many years, and the Mark II never version is much easier to assemble and carry.


Lee SW150 Mark II filter holder.
Singh-Ray 5 stop Neutral Density filter, 150 X 150mm square version.


Happy Shooting!!

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